DKL - Round nozzle duct

Repus nozzle ducts DKL can be mounted freely hanging in the room with a mixed distribution of air on both sides. If you wish to place the nozzle duct alongside a wall, the air can be directed into the room or down along the wall/glass facade to obtain a stratifying ventilation.

We can offer longitudinal seamed nozzle ducts in dimensions from 160 mm to 630 mm. The nozzles are manufactured in the lengths 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 m and can be assembled into long nozzle ducts, 20-30 m and sometimes even longer. The nozzle diffusers are manufactured in galvanized sheet metal, painted in the color RAL 9003 gloss 30%. We offer other colors, or unpainted diffusers, according to request. The nozzles are available in white, gray and black.

The nozzle ducts can be delivered with the nozzles placed on the underside in case the air needs to be pressed down into the living area. This was also required by our client Gripenskolan, where the ceiling needed to be mounted to the nozzle duct at half the diameter. For this type of solution we offer an L-profile so that the ceiling can be mounted directly to the nozzle duct.

For a nice and unified installation, our sound proofer and damper unit (LDS) are coated in the same color as requested on the nozzle ducts. This silencer is longitudinally seamed and has the same outer diameter as the nozzle duct. LDS is available in MagiCAD under "Air flow damper"

We also deliver aluzinc or stainless on request.

The diffuser is easily dimensioned with our configurator which is also available as a plug-in for MagiCAD.

Product description text

TD xx
Nozzle duct of the type DKL or equivalent. Repus nozzles that utilize both dynamic and static pressure for an even air distribution.
  • Covers and air deflectors can be mounted on the nozzles to adjust the air flow and distribution.
  • Galvanized sheet metal, powder coated RAL9003 gl30
  • Cleanable
  • Delivered with connections, end caps & brackets
    Accessories - painted support brackets (DKB) xx degrees, T-piece (DKT) and longitudinal ducts without nozzles (DKK)

DKB.bbb.xx (xx is replaced with number of degrees on bend)