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REPUS® offers the largest range of energy efficient nozzle ducts

Repus Ventilation AB

In collaboration with consultants and contractors, we manufacture HVAC ducts and diffusers according to specific requirements of each project. With our patented technology, we help minimize energy consumption while creating a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate.

Online calculations

In order to dimension the fittings and nozzles, we have developed the feature Repus Product Configurator, a user-friendly calculator making it easy for you to do many calculations on your own.

MagiCAD Plug-in

Our plug-in for MagiCAD is now updated with 3D geometry. Calculate the nozzle ducts and diffusers for your project, quick and easy! 

​​​​​​​Diffusers are also available in selected sizes in MagiCloud.

Plugin also for REVIT

We now have a Plugin for REVIT where you can easily calculate nozzle ducts and supply air diffusers.
This project has taken place in collaboration with the European Regional Development Fund.

Link to REVIT plugin