IN - Recessed displacement diffuser

IN is a diffuser for installment in a wall or ceiling. It has a perforated front, which conceals the adjustable REPUS nozzles that distribute the air over the entire front surface with a very short adjacent zone. The front sits with the snap, providing a neat and stylish diffuser with no visible screws. With INU, which comes without a diffuser drawer, the diffuser can be mounted directly in a pressurized wall or ceiling.

AMA Text

​​​​​​​REPUS® low impulse diffuser for recessed mounting type IN or equivalent
The diffuser must have internally mounted adjustable REPUS® nozzles for best air distribution.
Material: Galvanized sheet metal
​​​​​​​Color: Powder paint, white RAL 9003 gloss 30% or as per order.

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