CP - Rectangular displacement diffuser

CP is a diffuser with extra high finish and design, fully welded box without rivet. It comes either coated or stainless. Depending on your needs, it can be provided with a round (CPC) or rectangular (CPR) connection. REPUS nozzles are mounted in the diffusers, providing a good air distribution over the entire front surface with short adjacent zones. The devices are completely maintenance-free, with no risk of future clogging. Suitable installations are against walls or ceilings in i.e. offices, cinemas, large kitchens and restaurants.

AMA Text

TDxx REPUS® low impulse diffuser for external mounting type CP or equivalent
The diffuser must have internally mounted adjustable REPUS® nozzles for best air distribution.
Material: Galvanized sheet metal
Color: Powder paint, white RAL 9003 gloss 30% or as per order.